Simple Machines

Classes have finished an independent learning unit online on Simple Machines.  The results are in and the data is staggering.  Students worked on their own, with a partner, or with their table groups to first complete watching six videos that included levers, inclined plane, pulley, gears, wheel and axle, and assembly line.  After watching these videos they played a game on Simple Machines.  Each video and game was followed with a quiz.  They could watch the video as many times as they needed to and take the quiz as many times as they needed to until they reached their highest score they wanted to record.  The total amount of points to earn 68.  Check with your student.  This online learning section was the learning of content. What followed was their independent assessment. Here they demonstrated their proficient understanding in written form. Students connected what they learned online with real life examples and explanations. Those are the scores that lead to their mid quarter 3 grades.  I am wowed. Be wowed by your students staggering grade.  I leave the mystery open for your own discovery. :-


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