Introducing …………

Here is a introduction ‘knowledge map’ of what you will learn in physical science. Unit 1 #1a-OH

Welcome to our class blog, WoooHooo!!!! :)

Introduce yourself so we can get to know you here are some ideas to write about:

  • what do you like to eat,
  • what’s your favorite thing to do after school
  • what kind of music do you like
  • when is your birthday
  • what inspires you
  • what career path do you want to pursue
  • do you have any ideas for your science fair project, if so what is it
  • Include a cool fact about yourself
  • who is your favorite scientist

Science Fair, Science Fair, Science Fair

Science Fair Project is a great way to get families and students working together.  As time nears to presentation and judging time everyone gets excited about how others view their work.  Think about your project,

– is your project one that may benefit the world?

– can you discuss the main idea of your project with a judge with confidence?

– if someone was to read the design of your experiment could they copy your exact experiment?

– if you have a partner, are you both sharing the responsibility of the project?

– are you having fun with the project?

Doing a project is exciting, you just never know how its going to turn out.  Have fun!!!